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5 great examples of popular blog posts that you should know

This is a mock post. While there is a place for all of these posts, I'm trying to make a point that original blogs are being shut out by formulaic blogs.

1. Let's Roundup! Original work is a waste of time

Original work is overrated. Heck, I could spend days on a well-thought out article that helps people do something better, but why? All I have to do is take a bunch of other people's work, come up with a creative way to tie it all together, and slap it into a roundup post.

Here's the formula: XXX (the more the merrier) unique adjective objects being rounded up unique common characterstic

Example: 35 Creative Wordpress Plugins that Saved My Unoriginal Blog

2. Cheatsheets! Never too many

I know I know. There are like, 5 bazillion cheatsheets out there already. But there's always room for 1 more!

Just make sure it doesn't look exactly like all the others! Perhaps change the text size. Yea, that'll do it.

3. Inspiration! Doesn't require any effort for me or my readers

More unoriginal work! Thank goodness for time-savers that make me rich in subscribers.

Here's the formula: XXX (the more the merrier) great examples of objects being rounded up with unique common characteristic

Example: 86 great examples of Wordpress blogs that use earth-tones

4. Name dropping! I can haz your attention, too!?

Not getting noticed? No problem! Name dropping is another effective way to get attention without the hassle of original work. You can mention popular people or popular blogs, and you'll get attention from both!

Here's the formula: XXX (the more the merrier) subject matter area people/blogs that you should be following.

Example: 95 web designers you should follow on Twitter

Just make sure at the end you put "I can haz your attention, too!?"

5. You Should Know! Never over-used call to action

This one's super simple and super effective. Just add "you should know" to the end of your blog post. End of story.

Get my point?

Unless you're Abuzeedo doing inspirational posts or Smashing Magazine doing roundups, this is a call to stop using these formulas and think of new ways to add value to your readers and to the community.

  1. Provide a practical how-to
  2. State strong opinion
  3. Research something new and report it
  4. In some way teach readers something
  5. Do smaller, detailed roundups for a specific cause

That is the extent of my rant. If it offended you, please forgive me, and please also start over.