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Branding for web professionals: An introduction

As a web professional you are likely charged with delivering branded experiences online. So you follow your company or client's unnaturally complex guidelines on logo placement, color use, etc, and at the end of the day you feel like you've hit the mark, right? Wrong.

The only thing you've done is aided the perpetuation of an excessive control freak-like practice—because colors and logos don't make a brand. Disagree?

One thing I know we can agree on is that brands are much more complex than a pretty picture. You know this because your intuition tells you so. However you've ignored your intuition on this one or you would have agreed that, when it comes to branding, excessive control freak-like behavior is misdirected on a brand identity guide.

I'm writing a multi-post series, "Branding for web professionals," because things like logo guidelines have taken all the excitement out of branding and have over-simplified it in the process. You are charged with providing a branded online experiences and you should be armed with a rich understanding of branding and how it applies to the web to do your best work.

I'll start the series off with a short definition of a brand. Call it "food for thought" until my next post. :)

Take a big step back. What is a brand, really?

A brand is the sum of customer experiences and branding is the careful management of those experiences. An experience could be a direct interaction with an employee, using a product, or getting a referral from a friend.