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How Twitter changes marketing forever, a simple explanation

Traditional media is dying. More often your customers rely on their friends for referrals and not the TV or local newspaper ads. There is nothing that beats a personal referral because we trust our friends more than your ads. That being said, complaints to friends have the same powerful effect, but to your detriment. So it's vital that you keep your ear to the ground.

And if there is any opportunity in buzz, it's in your response. To be a part of the conversation and benefit from it, you must engage in it. If a customer praises you, send them a coupon. If a customer complains, follow-up personally. In both cases, you're likely to yield loyalty in return.

So why is it so difficult when the formula is so simple? Tools. TV has given marketers the opportunity to speak to millions. But now it's time to listen. Where's the tool to listen? If you say the Internet or search engines, you're on the right track but still way off. You see, buzz happens in the blink of an eye and then it's gone. By the time you can Google it, its too late.

Finally, we have a tool ladies and gentlemen: Twitter.

Until Twitter, conversation occurred outside our reach. It happened at parties, on Sunday walks, and in undisclosed chat rooms. Not any more. People who grew up chatting on the Internet are now your buyers, and they feel comfortable sharing their opinions for everyone to see. Conversation is happening right in front of our faces and we can't ignore it.

So how do you get started monitoring buzz? Twitter can be a lot to wrap your head around. Luckily, there's a simpler (and more effective) tool to monitor buzz. Nearby Tweets allows businesses to search through real–time conversations on Twitter in geographic segments. Additionally, you can search with keywords and specify a search radius.

Want to monitor everyone tweeting about pizza within a 100 mile radius of your business? No problem!

So the next time your business runs a promotion, holds an event, or an unfortunate crisis occurs, monitor real–time conversations on Twitter with Nearby Tweets. There's no more excuses for us not to listen.