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The IE6 support equation: Is it worth supporting?

In a chat today someone was complaining about supporting IE6, and I see this all the time. But the problem remains: How do I convince my clients that IE6 on their parent's PC doesn't matter? It comes down to dollars.

So I wrote out an equation for deciding if you should support IE6. It's bulletproof and simple to calculate. Have fun kissing IE6 goodbye.

The equation is…

average sales per visitor * IE6 visits - (designer cost per hour * hours required to fix IE6)

Note that this is to be calculated on monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.


Here's how that would work out:

1 * 10 - (20 * 4) = 10 - 80 = -70

In other words, you're losing $70 by supporting IE6. And this is a very small example and it doesn't even take into account the lost opportunity of providing a richer experience to >IE6 users