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How to promote innovation from your web team

"Analytics, analytics, analytics, blah, blah, blah."

"Code, code, code, blah, blah, blah."

Two people, one a web analytics professional, the other a web developer, awkwardly sip coffee across from each other at a small cafe table that feels like a vast expanse. Their professional focuses seem not to hit any harmonious tones.

Then it happens. The internet marketer asks the question: "Do you know what an API is by any chance?"

"Yea, sure. Why?"

"I was reading about new stuff in Google Analytics, things like being able to track things other than page views, like when a user plays a video. Apparently you can also build user segments in real-time. But it said something about an API, and I gave up. Maybe I'll look at it later when I have the time."

"Well, I know how to use APIs, maybe I could help!" Relieved, the web developer realizes they do have something in common.

Over the next few hours they pour over the tracking API documentation together and realize the potential of their combined skill sets as they discuss advanced campaign tracking, event tracking, and real-time visitor segmenting.

A month later the company knows more about its online customers and their behaviors/preferences than they could have imagined. A year later they are numero uno in their industry.

This is a classic problem between engineering and marketing. They can do so much together if they could just focus on outcomes instead of differences.

Promote interdisciplinary dialogue in your company. Get people to open up and share what they know across disciplinary lines.

Get your customer service reps talking to your copywriters. Get your social media marketers talking to your web analytics folks. Hell, get your direct mail marketers talking to your web developers. Truly innovate.