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Measuring Twitter influence: 6 metrics for a new Gold Standard

How does a business or individual measure their influence on Twitter? Why do you have a low or high score on tools like Twitter Grader or Twitalyzer?

Here are 6 metrics for measuring your influence on Twitter. You can manipulate these metrics to grow (or kill) your influence on Twitter.

1. Follower count

Measured with: Follower count

Unfortunately this is an over–rated metric, but it has merit nonetheless. The more followers you have, the bigger audience for your messages. Pretty obvious.

2. Follower/Following ratio

Measured with: Follower/following ratio

Just because you have a lot of followers, doesn't mean they're listening to your crap. You could just be junk in a stream of people who follow just to get more followers. Read How to get Twitter followers on Twitip for more information on this spammy behavior.

Your follower/following ratio is a better metric in terms of your influence per follower. Although a person with 1,000/200 (followers/following) won't reach as many people as someone with 5,000/5,000, the first person may have more influence over their 1,000 followers.

Your follower/following ratio is a sign that people follow you for a reason more compelling than the fact that you follow back.

3. Retweet

Measured with: Retweetrank

If you don't know what a retweet is, read How to retweet and The science of retweets.

The retweet (RT) circulates viral messages on Twitter. If you are a top retweeter, you naturally have influence based on your ability to initiate viral messages on Twitter. Highly retweeted people are often followed by @tweetmeme.

4. #FollowFriday recommendations

Measured with: TopFollowFriday

If you don't know what #FollowFriday is then check out #FollowFriday: The Anatomy of a Twitter Trend and 10 websites for monitoring FollowFriday on Twitter.

If you are #followfriday recommended, you have been recognized as a valuable person to follow because of your content and/or reputation. The count of your #followfriday recommendations is therefore a sign of your value and influence.

5. Replies

Measured with: Twitter search for your @name

Replies are engagement and engagement is essential to building Twitter influence. The level of engagement you receive from others suggests influence and valuable content.

People don't waste their time replying to crap unless you're a celebrity. But that's just plain creepy.

6. Who are you engaging with?

Measured with: No tool does specifically this, but check out Klout

If you're being followed and/or engaging with a bunch of spammy accounts, then your messages aren't going to reach a valuable audience.

This metric is similar to Google's PageRank wherein a website receives more PageRank from authoritative inbound links. Similarly, a Twitter profile gains authority by engaging and/or being followed by authoritative profiles.


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