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Tiny URLs gone wild!

As many of you know, tiny URL services like and my favorite take URLs and make them really tiny. No surprise.

But while people go on using tiny URL services without blinking an eye, little do they know of the disorder that lurks in the dark alleys of Tinyurlland.

Well, I've seen what lurks in the dark alleys of Tinyurlland and I'm forever haunted by its perversion of all things furry, cute, and tiny-like. If you're brave enough, will get you started down the wrong path. Just try http://[your favorite tiny url service here]/[your favorite censored word here] and see what comes up! Hehe...

I'm not going to give any more examples here to keep things from getting out of hand. And that's what I call Tiny URLs Gone Wild!

Note: I've turned comments off so no one further ruins the propriety of my blog :)