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What happens when Mashable tweets your site?

On Friday February 6th, Nearby Tweets was tweeted by @Mashable. For anybody involved in the Internet, it's like finding a small treasure as a pirate. Though, I must say I love ninjas and therefore cannot like pirates (they are universal adversaries, see Real Ultimate for more info on ninjas).

So what happens when @Mashable tweets your site? Well, here's what happened yesterday (based on Google Analytics)…

So what now?

Time to maintain the momentum. You see, Nearby Tweets is not even finished. I expect I would have had an even more impressive Twitter effect if Nearby Tweets was polished, but it's not. On that topic, I am happy to say that Nearby Tweets' design is almost complete, and it totally kicks ass. As a teaser I'll say this: The design will change depending on what time you visit the site.So if you haven't, make sure you give Nearby Tweets a bookmark on delicious or a stumble on StumbleUpon.

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